Tuesday, 2 August 2016

5 Best Photo Editor Every Girl Should Know.


After a lot of hard working giving your best in your photography having such nice and best poses according to you. You are using the best camera but still you are not getting the thing you want in simple word you are still not getting your best picture. So what to do should you need to improve your poses should you need to wear the best brand makeup should you need to change the camera or something else.

Yes there is something else you can do. For the best photography there is a lot to do like the best makeup according to the land, place, weather and time etc. Your dress should match your personality. Your poses should be perfect your camera should be perfect the setting of camera should be perfect according to the time and weather but still there is one thing which is highly recommended for best photography that can change the things that you don’t want and make the changes that you really want.

And that is best photo editor that you need to have. Whether you have professional photo section or your selfies or nature photography you definitely need to have your best photo editor so you can change the things according to your need and wants. And I personally love to try different types of photo editor whether it’s my normal selfie or parties photographs. So here my best 10 photo editors that I have tried and they are so amazing like I want.

There such amazing and outstanding effects are just awesome. Their amazing effects include some basics, auto fix, blemish removal, colors, one touch filters, borders, raw photo support, sharing system, premium looks pack, advanced paid packs, noise reduction, defog etc. Now you can do a lot with one simple application. Most of the bloggers used this for making the ads' picture or website header. It has such amazing ability to edit picture direct on the sites like Facebook, twitter etc. simply don’t need to explain this app in short it’s just too good

Picasa by Google is one of not mine but a lot of peoples favorite for editing, organizing, sharing etc. Peoples used to organize album photos and according to lots of reviews this is one of the best software for organizing the photos. Also, their best and amazing features include basics fixes, effects and tuning etc. basic fixes help to remove red eyes, cropping the picture like you want, auto color, auto contrast, and fill lights to give your photo amazing look. Effects help to design the photo gives brighten colors and filters like so good. They have 12 best filters to give your photographs amazing effects. Tuning do such nice work for your photo it fixes contrast fill lights so you can shine in your photo it also highlights, shadows and neutral color picker etc.

Aviary photo editor best for android and I O S operating system. This photo editor do all that we want like enhances for fixing the poor colors and lighting etc. Their effects include hundreds of best effect like filtering the photo like professional do but now you can do it at home. They have so many frames and stickers so you can decorate the photo with frames, stickers and crop, rotate and re-size according to your need and wants for free and also can do adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness etc. It's the best feature is focus, splash and meme so you can focus on the area like clear from the selected area and fogy from non-selected area to make it look professional also add the meme. It’s one of the common feature is draw and text common but really needed. Feature that I like the most in it is cosmetics tool that remove red eyes so the original black eye color able to show whiten teeth so I can smile bright remove blemishes and much more.

Photo effects pro allow you to enjoy your photography or selfies in fun way the best app for teenagers. Their fabulous features include 40 filters and effects, you can add the text change the font style, can do fun by editing stickers on your photo, you can do finger painting on the picture, you can make photo collage, photo grid and much more. You can share these photo via twitter, Facebook, Flickr, What's App and in much more places easily in one touch. The best thing is you don’t need internet connection for using this just download once and enjoy lifetime in home or outdoor with your friends or family with no cost at all.

Pixlr usage are just not countable and the best thing is if you want you can use it online so you don’t need to fill your computer storage. It has ability to transform your photo totally from drab to fab. They also give you ability to make browser extension for that so can use it easily anytime. Pixlr is one of the best editor coming in top 50 websites in 2013. Most of the blogger used to make their site header image or design the header image for their blog or website also for decorating ads according to their need. Their best features include refine, effects, overlay, border, stylize, stickers, type, crop, color, contrast, blur, sharpen, smooth, double exp, straighten, re size, auto contrast, auto fix, heal, red eye, focal and splash etc.  So you can fix your picture turn your photography into art and much more.

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