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20 Best Tips and Tricks To Get The Long Shiny Smooth Hairs.

Get your perfect healthy hairs
like a princess.
There is no girl in the world who don’t want beautiful hair but the questions of getting the beautiful hairs are just increasing day by day. Like how to get the long hair? How much time it will take to get the beautiful hair? Hundreds of methods are there on Internet but which when will going to affect properly? How to get shiny smooth hairs? How to get rid of splits ends? How to get rid of dandruff? Doing oiling is enough or I need to do something else to get my perfect hair? Which kind of shampoo I need to use? What to do and what do not? A lot of confusion but the thing is we want perfect gorgeous and beautiful hair. Using expensive shampoo or other product on your is not the secret of getting healthy hairs there are a lot to achieved that goal at home. First of all the main thing that is your diet plan the food you take it should be according to your hair health. Especially if you are planning to get the beautiful hair you must need to consider such things like your food, shampoo, deep conditioning, the way you wash your hairs, the way you dry your hairs, the way you comb your hair, perfect type of comb so it don’t take out much hairs while combing and the remedies you are using on your hairs etc. so if you are ready to change your wrong way to the right way let’s get started. Here we have 20 tips and tricks to achieve your perfect hairs. All you need is to be patience take a long breath and challenge yourself that you can do it. You will see the best effects within the month. So just mark today's date on your calendar and take a picture of your hairs from the back this will help you to get know the difference after a month.

Here we go:

20 tips and tricks to get the long shiny smooth and strong hairs:

1.       Take a combine amount of coconut oil and almond oil mix them well and store it in a bottle use it to massage your scalp twice in a week. As oiling is the best natural way to give your hair a proper moisture make them free from dandruff and dryness and allow the hairs grow fastly by giving the extra vitamins and minerals into the scalps.

2.       Trim your hair your splits ends before starting the hair growth methods and these tips.

3.       Don’t wash your hair daily let them a little dirty so your scalp can able to leave some amount of sebum for your hair that’s prevent hair fall and dryness in your hairs.

4.       Recommended shampoo and conditioner for every kind of hairs is sulfate free shampoo or conditioner. Try to pick best brand product they might be little expensive but not more than your hairs health.

5.       Don’t use heated appliances at least not in this month to avoid any kind of damage to your hairs. Still if really needed use professional dryer at no more than 108 degree.

6.       Trim your hair every after a 3 months to get rid of splits ends you don’t need to trim 2-3 inches just trim really small amount depending on your splits ends.
Yes i got the perfect hairs
short but thick.

7.       Try to use wooden hair brush to avoid any breakage to your hairs. Because wooden brush just absorb your hairs natural oil and when you brushing your hairs it’s distributes that oil all over the hairs which helps to nourish them naturally.

8.       Try to put a little amount of your favourite oil onto the split ends every day it helps to prevent split ends and also not look greasy because it’s just their at the ends of your hairs.

9.       Use apple cider vinegar for rinsing hairs after the shampoo at the purpose of maintaining PH. balanced and making hairs silky smooth and shiny.

10.   Try to make hair protected hairstyles like normal braid or fishtails something like that. You can get lots of videos on the Internet. Just search on it or as my recommendation I just love having normal braid.

11.   Food plays a huge role in hair growth and moisturise. So increase the intake of food rich in vitamins and proteins. As recommended salmon fish, eggs, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, avocado's etc. as highly recommended don’t forget to drink at least a glass of milk with some honey or nuts.

12.   Take a teaspoon of coconut oil, egg according to the length of your hair, 1 teaspoon of ground almond. Mix them well and apply onto the scalp to throughout the hairs as a hair mask. Leave it for 30-35 minutes twice in a week as it nourish and moisturise hairs so much.

13.   Drink enough water to hydrates your hairs from the inside. Yes this is boring but really effective even if you don’t want. Drink at least 2 litter of water in this month when you planning to make your hair growth. Take and fill the bottle which have ability to contain 2 litters write your name on it so no one drink this but only you. Superb easy.

14.   If really really necessary doing iron or blow-drying use heat protector spray before ironing.

15.   Always avoid washing your hair with warm water. Not at least in this month.

16.   Use leave in conditioner daily to avoid the dryness of the scalp and hairs.

     If you have any trouble choosing best brand beauty product. Read my article on 7 Best Beauty Brands of 2016 And Their Winner Products.

17.   Don’t clip or make pony tail at the same place again and again. If can make braid three days pony tail two days and the rest of the two days messy buns or anything else in a week.

18.   Use the hairbands, ties or any other accessories made up with fine fabric which are basically non- damaging for hairs.

19.   Try to detangle your hair after applying the conditioner in the washroom with your shower hair brush.

20.   Last but not the least after your shower routine don’t dry your hair by rubbing the towel on to your hairs. Just take a towel and press it very gently onto your head so your towel can soak some water from the hairs without any damaging.

Remember never get fade up when trying to make your hairs grow or healthy you need to have a patience and some good working techniques. There is always a way to get your goal. So just start applying all the tips and tricks onto your hairs. So that’s all what I have tried for my hairs growth I just remember when I started applying these tips on my hairs it was 1st  march 2016 and after a month I just saw such amazing differences such amazing growth in my hairs. I just don’t want to stop it but I miss some of these tips and tricks some time which is not thumbs up for me but I’m still trying to do everything for my hairs health. So you also keep trying to do this at least 1-2 month follow these steps strictly. If possible take a print out of this page and stick it there on your washroom or bedrooms wall it will be easy to remember and follow the tips.

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