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Top 3 Best Dark Elbows and Knees Treatments at Home.

Skin on elbows and knees are usually thicker and harder than the skin on other body so you need to give more concentration in these areas that will help them to stay hygiene and healthy. More dryness and roughness comes into the skin in cold weather people commonly use lotion in it to make it moisturize but that’s work for really less time because they are not moisturized from inside. Natural remedies work best because they contain natural ingredients that’s are much effective less expensive and mostly non allergic.

My experience with these 3 methods were totally amazing they work too good to cleanse moisturize and make my knees and elbows much glowing like baby skin. These are my best tried remedies that’s work great. There are different types of facial in the world that’s work to cleanse and moisturize the skin so I thought why don’t make a full pack that work best like a facial for our knees and elbows. After research I have found these 3 words that are a part of most of the facial's mas-sager, scrub and bleach. 

You can either use the 3 remedies on your knees and elbows as a facial that you can do twice or thrice in a month to get the amazing results or just use the remedies one by one like written in the steps according to your need.

Here we go:

1. Knees and elbows mas-sager.
Massaging have several advantages but one advantage that’s nobody can say no to it and that is relaxing. Massage helps to relax our mind and body so we can be more energetic throughout the day or more it helps to relax our muscles, improve hair growth, reduce dandruff, treat insomnia, improve blood circulation, reduce headaches, soften and remove dead skin and much more.

Whole wheat flour is full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, iron, calcium and potassium etc. This flour work best to remove any old dead cells from the skin and make it clean and nourish. Helps to reduce darkness and inflammation from the skin.

Olive oil is one of the best oil uses mostly in everything related to beauty. Olive oil work best as a makeup remover, dandruff reducer, moisturizer, cleanser, bleak-heads remover, skin refresher and much more. It contains palmitic acid and stearic acid that’s work best to reduce ageing signs and wrinkles.

Vitamin E oil best known for retain soft moisture skin by reducing the dryness that’s everyone needed. This work best for soften the hard skin from the knees and elbows by improving the blood circulation also work best for stretch marks reducing more quickly.

Garlic work amazing to treat acne and fights skin infection. Garlic contain thiamine that’s one of the best vitamin to maintain skin, hair and nails health. It also contains zinc that’s help to control any inflammatory response from your skin also help to heal rashes.
Whole wheat Flour                    3 teaspoons
Olive oil                                     1 teaspoon
Vitamin E oil                             4 drops
Garlic paste                               1 teaspoon
Method to make:
Step 1. Take a bowl and put all the ingredients in it.
Step 2. Mix them well so it gets turn to thick paste.
Step 3. Use your fingers for rubbing this paste into your knees and elbows at least for 3-4 minutes.
Step 4. Now wash it off with warm water or remove it with soft cloth.
Step 5. Repeat the process twice or thrice in a week.

2. Knees and elbows scrubbing.

Scrubbing work to exfoliate the skin make it cleanse from dirt, dead skin and blackheads or whiteheads it makes skin smooth and glowing. This scrubbing remedy work best to moisturize and exfoliate the skin with these fabulous natural non side effect ingredients.

Avocado oil is the best chemical free moisturizer that’s work amazingly to make skin soft smooth and fresh. Avocado oil helps to reduce skin inflammation or redness and itching from the skin because of it’s amazing vitamin E. it is one of the best oil that’s contain rich amount of oleic acid that work for treating the wounds.

Cocoa butter simply it-self a great moisturizer and mas-sager cream that’s work to soften any hard skin. It helps to cleanse skin from any dead cells and make skin more youthful and glowing. According to the lots of reviews on cocoa butter use this is one of the best treatment that helps to prevent stretch marks.

Ground almonds helps to exfoliate skin with natural moisturizer. Almonds contain a rich source of vitamins and minerals that’s work best to treat lots of skin issues like dryness, roughness, acne scars, eczema and much more. Work totally amazing to remove old dead skin from your knees and elbows and make glowing.

Orange peel contain more nutrients than the insider part of orange. Orange peel commonly use in face masks to make face free from black heads and dead skin cells. It contains a rich source of vitamin C that’s work great to reduce brown spots.
Avocado oil               1 teaspoon
Cocoa butter             1 teaspoon
Ground almond        1 teaspoon
Orange peel paste    1 teaspoon
Method to make:
Step 1. Take a bowl and put all four ingredients in it.
Step 2. Mix them well to make a thick paste.
Step 3. Using your fingers apply this on your knees and elbows by rubbing in a circular motion for at least 5-6 minutes.
Step 4. Wash it off with warm water or remove it with soft cloth.
Step 5. Remove the water from skin by using towel and then apply body balm in it (optional).
Step 6. Repeat the process daily to get the fast results.

3. Knees and elbows bleaching.

This remedy work as a bleaching for your knees and elbows which help to make skin totally cleanse and white looking. That’s the reason why most of the women’s used to do bleaching before going to any occasion. These 3 ingredients are found mostly in every kitchen or refrigerator so you can make it right now.

Lemon contains a rich source of vitamin C which have a huge numerous skin benefits. It’s one of the amazing benefit is helps to reduce the brown spots quickly and make it youthful. That’s we want to do with our knees and elbows.

Baking soda contain a rich source of sodium which plays a huge rule for reducing sunstroke by preventing the water loss from the skin. Sodium can be used in most of the cleansers and moisturizers. Work best for treating stain, odor, yellow nails and much more.

Honey contain a nice source of calcium and potassium. Calcium helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles also help to maintain pH. balanced. Potassium helps skin cells to be hydrate also help to grow new cells in skin. Honey work best as a gentle exfoliation for skin that’s we really needed for our knees and elbows.
Lemon juice             2 tablespoons
Baking soda             1 teaspoon
Honey                       1 tablespoon
Method to make:
Step 1. Take a bowl put all the ingredients in it.
Step 2. Mix them well until it get turn into a paste.
Step 3. Dip toothbrush in it and start rubbing gently on your knees and elbows in a circular motion at least for 2-3 minutes.
Step 4. Now wash it off with warm water.
Step 5. Repeat the process twice a week.

Thanks for reading this hope you enjoyed. Do dry all 3 remedies and give us your best feedback in comment box bellow. Don’t forget to take picture of your knees and elbows before applying the methods to see the clear difference of before and after. If you have any issue in making or applying the remedies please let us know we will do our best to solve that issue also tell us if you want us to write on this topic more briefly.

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