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How to Sleep Fast 10 Tips and Tricks to Make it Easy.

According to the oxford dictionary sleep is a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night in which the nerve's system gets inactive the eyes get closed and the posture muscles get relaxed. But the question is how to get this proper sleep? How to sleep easily within a minute? What’s the ideal number on clock to sleep? What are the thing we should do to get deeper + quality sleep? And a proper schedule for sleep. According to the research of Philips respironics global sleep survey of 2015 this is a survey of 10 countries. There are 57% of people who are saying could be better but they are not doing anything specific to improve their sleep while 21% is saying they are taking steps by themselves to improve their sleep. 17% have getting perfect sleep so they don’t need to change their schedule. And only 4% is following the guidance of doctors or professionals to improve their sleep. In the same survey it is said that doing exercise too close to the bed time is one of the common sleep disrupt-or's other reasons are like having your last meal too late, use of caffeine drinks, worrying about work, health or family. And watching television etc.
Here we have 10 tips and tricks to make your sleep a precious quality.

1. Exercise

It is just not mean going to the gym and spending two or more hours + spending your money on it. Exercise is an activity that take your physical effort. Means you have a lot of other option to do exercise like by walking or cycling the other side you can do yoga as well. Walking is just really simple and easy thing you can do it anytime anywhere whether its office, school or home. Going to the shop for buying some grocery in the office by presenting the presentation. At home while you cooking, laundering or cleaning. Cycling is cheap + it’s a type of transport so you can take so many advantages by going to the school or shop you can do it in the park as well. Yoga is something don’t need to explain because it’s very traditional + several benefits. Yoga is a kind of exercise that you can do it at night also at the purpose of straighten your body and relax your muscles.

Did you know? 

According to the national sleep foundation it says that 83% of exerciser says they had a good sleep compared to 56% of people who don’t exercise. 67% of exerciser says they had a good sleep on most work nights compared to 39% who don't exercise.

2. Time for sleep

The best time to sleep is 10 pm but it is difficult to sleep exact 10 o’clock sometimes you lay down on bed 10 o’clock and sleep 11 o’clock or more late than that. Try to sleep generally at the same time at least for 6 days a week by doing this your body will get train doing this again and again so after a month or two if you might be sleep late because of some office work or any other reasons like health issue it will help you to come back to your same schedule 10 o’clock.

3. Time to eat

An ideal number on clock to eat is 7 o’clock because your last meal should be at least 3 hours before will make you feel lighter and fresh. This will help to process your digestion system. Your last meal should contain protein like fish not carbs like potatoes at the purpose of maintaining body fitness.

4. Take shower or bath

Taking warm shower or bath before bedtime will help to raise your body temperature and will signal your brain that it is bedtime so will be fall asleep easily. Taking warm shower or bath will also beneficent for stress relief and relax your muscles. Taking warm shower or bath have several advantages like it cleanse skin gives mini massage to scalp improve blood circulation and give it will also help to make your internal clock so your body also get to know that its bedtime. But don’t take warm shower too long as it will dry your skin. This will also help to clean your bed sheet longer as well.

5. Drink something warm before bedtime

Drinking something warm like warm water, decaffeinate green tea or milk will help you fall asleep more easily. Drinking warm water before bedtime is simply easy + good for staying hydrate at night. As it has so many benefits like it good for digestion, it’s a deep cleansing for your body and also help to prevent acne or pimples also good for hair growth. Green tea is one of my favourite drink that I always used to drink before bedtime there one of the best advantage is weight loss. But for sleep it must be decaffeinating because its take up to 6 hours to process caffeine which is really harmful for are sleep so hardly say no to caffeine drinks before bedtime. Milk contain rich source of protein and calcium which is really needed for good health. Milk contain amino acid which help to promote deeper quality sleep.

6. Don’t go the bed hungry

Never go to the bed hungry as it won’t allow you to sleep properly or you will wake up at the middle of night. Just take something which are good source of protein. Like Almond, Greek yogurt, or you can have some fruits like bananas or cherry. You can make smoothies also by having these fruits so it will help to feel fresh on the next morning.

7. Read books

Yes, by reading books will really help you feel sleepy no matter whether they are interesting or reading books will generate your mind stress free so after a long day having so much tension of work, home or family it will make your mind distress from those issues by attracting you to the particular story of the it’s give you knowledge improve your memory and also improve writing skills.

8. Unplug your room

Means no mobile phone, tablets or television before bedtime. The research shown that a tech free room is best for good sleep because you get distracted easy with them for example checking your email just before bed time could increase the level of stress watching television make you harder to sleep. Make your room as a relaxation and peaceful environment.

9. Cold room

Cool your room at the purpose of calming down your mind and body comfortable. According to the research 60 degree is the ideal number to fall asleep easily. But you can change this according to your comfort. According to the research are body temperature usually higher at the day time so by changing the temperature will really helpful for better + deeper quality sleep. So you will definitely feel fresh to the next morning.

10. Dim the lights

Close some or all the lights before bedtime so your body also get to know that it is time to fall asleep. Just close all the things having lights away from yourself like your phone tablets you won’t be able to see watch again and again which is helpful to make yourself tension free. For example, looking to your watch again and again and thinking oh my God its so late I have to give presentation tomorrow this will increase the level of keep away from those technologies specially watch. So you will be having better deeper and healthier sleep.

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