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5 Best Oil for Hair; Method to Use and 10 Tips to Get Strong Hair.

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Oiling the hair is one of the simplest easiest and safest way to get long shiny strong and healthy hairs + it doesn’t have any side effect of any different types of hairs. It’s have too many advantages to are hair like hair growth and nourishment etc. It’s a natural way to condition the hair and make hair shiny + strong. Oiling once or twice in a week will help you grow hair fast and easy but try to do oil massaging daily at least for 10-15 minutes to get the super fast results. Oiling is the best product to get rid of dandruff and it also helps to boost the hair growth by providing an essential protein to the scalps. When you oiling your hair by massaging it helps to increase the blood supply to your scalps that’s make the roots stronger and hairs healthier so your hair can able to grow easily + fast. Especially if you have coloured hair it’s really important to gives your hair some natural remedies to reduce the damage of those chemicals. So what else best then oiling the hairs. Doing massage on your scalp before bedtime will help your mind get relaxed so you can get peaceful + deeper sleep. It will also help to reduce dullness of your hairs and make them thickest. Oiling prevention includes fungal infection, hair fall, rough and dry hairs, lice, dandruff, frizz, Gray hair, split ends etc.

Do you want to verify your hair types with some easy steps?
Here we go for it:
Types of hair:
• Thin
• Medium
• Thick
To get verify:
Step 1. Part your hair from the bottom of your head in a front of mirror.
Step 2. Hold a portion of your hair a bit tightly to see the scalps.
• If you can see all the scalp easily means you have thin hair.
• If you see only some of scalp means you have medium hair.
• If you cannot able to see much scalp means you have thick hair.

To get check the porosity of your hair.
Porosity is basically how well your hair holds and retain moisture before they become dry again.
• Low porosity: Repels water and moisture.
• Normal porosity: Absorb water and moisture well.
• High porosity: Absorb water as well as moisture but doesn’t retain.
Step 1. Take out the hair from the upper side of your head.
Step 2. Take a glass full of water.
Step 3. Put your hair into it.
• If your hair stands there at the top of water take much time to get in means you have low porosity hairs.
• If your hair gets dipped a bit fast means you have medium porosity hair.
• If your hair easily + fast get dipped into water means you have high porosity hair.

To verify the hair oiliness, follow these easy steps.
Step 1. Wash your hairs with shampoo.
Step 2. Let the hairs get dry.
Step 3. Now leave your hair overnight at least 6-8 hours to produce some oil. Step 4. On the next morning take a tissue and gently press on the top of your head. Be careful you don’t need to do harsh rubbing.
Step 5. Now take it back and check this tissue paper.
• If there is not even a single spot of oil means you have dry hairs.
• If there are only certain spots of oil means you have normal hairs.
• If there is some better amount of oil means you have oily hairs.

So here we have 5 best oils and best method to use them.

Healthy hairs
 1.    Mustered oil
Amount per 1 tablespoon:
                             Calories 124
                             Saturated fat 1.6 g
                            Polyunsaturated fat 3 g
                           Monounsaturated fat 8 g
·                Sunscreen: if you still using some expensive sunscreen which a bit difficult to buy sometimes then feel free to switch it from pure mustard oil because of its vitamin E element that’s help to protect your skin from the unkind sun rays. Just use a small amount of mustard oil directly on your skin and massage it gently.
·                Remove tan and spots: mustard oil helps to remove tan and dark spots by using mustard oil with a tablespoon of yogurt some drop of lemon 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of flour. Use this mask on your face leave it for 10-12 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this method at least twice in a week but for best and fast results use it daily.
·                Treat rashes: treating rashes or wounds with mustard oil come in very traditional method to prevent them. Just make mustard oil warm in microwave and put some turmeric powder in it mix it well and use it on rashes or wounds. An easy simple + traditional way to prevent them.
·                Body  mas-sager: By massaging with mustard oil have a various benefit into the skin. By massaging with mustard oil help you to get rid of your daily harmful stress by making your mind and body feel relaxed. It will also help to remove any pigmentation or dark spots from your skin + help to lighten your skin.
·                Prevent hair loss: Mustered oil have several advantages whether you are using external or internal. One of the best use on hair is improved hair growth by reducing the dryness of the scalps. Massage on your hair with mustard oil twice or thrice a week. Don’t forget to wash hair before massaging at the purpose of clean the dirt. For best and fast result put some fenugreek seeds in warm mustard oil and leave it over night or more. On the next morning use this oil for massaging on the scalp and leave it for 45 minutes then wash it off. fenugreek seeds contain a rich source of proteins and vitamins etc. its prevention include dandruff, hair fall, itching etc. You will see the result in one month only. So take a challenge and go for it.

Do you know?
According to the research of Med India network for health. Massage with mustard oil relieves rheumatism and arthritis and the selenium present in the oil reduce effect of asthma and joints pain.

2.     Coconut oil
 Amount per 1 teaspoon:
               Calories 117
               Saturated fat 12 g
               Polyunsaturated fat 0.2 g
               Monounsaturated fat 0.8 g
·                Lip care: coconut oil is the best + cheaper and natural way to make your lips nice beautiful soft and light. You can make your own lip balm or sugar scrub at home with coconut oil. For scrub first you need a small container and then take a teaspoon of sugar half teaspoon honey some drop of lemon and coconut oil mix it well and store in the small container use it daily before bed or in the morning you will see the result on the same time.
·                Eye cream: coconut oil eye cream is really helpful for those who want to get rid of dark circles or eye bags which make you feel sick sometimes. To make this beneficial eye cream you need a tablespoon of coconut oil make it warm and put 3 capsule of vitamin E oil mix them well and store it in small container. For best results use it every night before sleeping.
·                Hair mask + scrub: coconut oil scrub mask helps to maintain the nourishment of your hair and make hair dandruff free it is really beneficent for those who have dry and thin hair problems because of its vitamin E and la acid. All you need is a coconut oil according to the length of your hair about 3 tablespoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of properly grind almonds. Mix them well and rub them on your scalp very gently then leave it for at least 30 minutes then wash it off.
·                Cuticle remover: coconut oil can be used as a cuticle remover better than those chemical cuticle removers also help to maintain the smoothness of your nail because of its fatty acids. For best results take some coconut oil and put some mast garlic into it mix it well and then massage this past on your hand and foot nails. This method is best for growing nails faster. Try to use it daily.
·                Hair conditioner: Coconut oil have a numerous advantage. Coconut oil is a most common oil for hair. The best thing of coconut oil is its act as a conditioner for your hair make hair thick and shiny also help to get rid of split ends. Coconut oil help to produce protein to your scalp and moisture the hair. Coconut oil gives protection from lice and make your hair clean and healthy. For best results take 2 or 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it in the microwave. Now massage with this warm coconut oil gently on your hair. Cover hair with shower cap and leave it for at least 45 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this method twice a week to get long thick and healthy hairs. You will see the best result within one month.

 Do you know?
 According to the research of Harvard health publication coconut oil is about 90% of saturated fat which is higher percentage than butter.

3.     Olive oil
Amount per 1 tablespoon:
               Calories 119
               Saturated fat 1.9 g
               Polyunsaturated fat 1.4 g
               Monounsaturated fat 10 g
               Sodium 0.3 mg
               Potassium 0.1 mg
               Shaving cream: according to my recommendation olive oil is the wonderful shaving cream that gives so much of shine and smoothness on my skin after shaving + really sufficient for the long life of your razor. All you need to do is just take a small amount of olive oil and massage it on your skin before then start shaving on the skin.
               Makeup remover: olive oil is the finest way to remove makeup with not even a single harmful effect. Because in some studies it is said that olive oil helps to reduce acne problem and pigmentation. So don’t need to worry if you have these kinds of problems. Just dip your finger in olive oil put it on your eye or face makeup then remove it by using tissue paper or makeup remover pads. Alternatively, can be used soft cloth or corner of the towel.
               Furniture polisher: the amazing thing of olive oil is it can act as a furniture polisher so now you don’t need to spend your money on expensive furniture polisher. It can be make it at home all you need is some olive oil and vinegar make sure to take them both as a same quantity store in a spray bottle. Now spray some in your furniture and rub gently on all over your furniture with some soft cloth.
               Repair crack heels: olive oil can be work as to prevent crack heels which is one of the common problem in the world. It can be used as a crack heel massaging or you can make crack heel repairing scrub by putting into some sugar, lemon, baking soda and honey. It is also really beneficial for making foot soak. Take some warm water to dip your foot put 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil a tablespoon of sea salt and half cup of apple cider vinegar dip your foot in it for at least 20-25 minutes. You will see the miraculous effect on your heel.
               Hair growth: Olive oil use for many reasons. But for hair it is really good for hair growth because of the continence of fatty acids and high protein Which are really essential for growing the hair. You can use olive oil raw on hair but for best result Take 2 to 5 tablespoon of olive oil heat it up and put 1 tablespoon of honey in it. Mix it well and use this on your scalp to throughout the hair length. Leave it for 45 to 60 minutes then wash it off. Repeat this method twice or thrice in a week and you will see the results within a month.

Do you know?
According to the research of MN T knowledge centre it is said that extra virgin olive oil may protect the liver from oxidation stress.

 1.       Jojoba oil
 Nutrient facts
               Vitamin B
               Vitamin E
               Vitamin A
               Vitamin B 2 
               Vitamin B 6
               Vitamin B 1 

·                skin and body cleanser: jojoba oil cleanser is one of my favourite cleanser because I have the dry skin so every morning after doing this I feel on my face like baby skin so soft and smooth like silk. The wonder is to make jojoba oil cleanser all you need is jojoba oil only. At night or morning according to your wish just wash your face with warm water then put some jojoba oil on your palm now it on your face like other cleanser or face wash after that remove it with warm water or your favourite face wash. Try to use this daily.
·                improve dry lips: who don’t want gorgeous pink lips I know everyone wants so try this amazing lip balm to get soft and light pink lips. Take a 2 tablespoon of jojoba oil make it hot in the stove. Now put 1 tablespoon of green tea in it let it get boiled properly after that put 1 tablespoon of honey in it mix it well and now strain green tea from the oil. Store in the small container and try to use it daily.
·                reduce wrinkles and stretch marks: jojoba oil can work best to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks because of its best element that hydrates your dried skin and make your skin look youthful. To get this fabulous effect start using jojoba oil on your skin to remove wrinkles and stretch marks easily. For best result mix some lavender oil and Shea butter into jojoba oil use this daily at night.
·                Hair nourishment: Jojoba oil traditionally used for shampoo, soap and has several benefits but for hair it best for nourishing the hair. It’s have really light texture and odourless. To get the best results use jojoba oil as raw on your scalp or mix it with some drop of Lavender essential oil, Castor oil, Tea Tree oil and Am-la oil. Warm up these oil in the microwave and then massage it gently throughout the hairs. Cover with shower cap or warm wet towel for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it off. You will see the results on that time only. You can use jojoba oil as a hair tonic also just put some drops of jojoba oil into water and then spray it into your hairs. It will give shine and thickness to your hair.

Do you know?
The research shown that jojoba oil helps to prevent us from several problems like athlete’s foot, sores, acne and ageing in the skin etc. also people are noticing huge positive difference of their hair loss problems.

 5.     Almond oil
 Amount per 1 tablespoon:
               Calories 120
               Saturated fat 1.1 g
               Polyunsaturated fat 2.4 g
               Monounsaturated fat 10 g
               Vitamin E
               Omega-3 fatty acids
               Reduce acne: to get the best result use almond oil with some milk and Aloe Vera mix them well and use it on your face as a mask let it get absorbed or dried properly then wash it off with plan water to get the fast result don’t use soap or face wash at least for 4-5 hour after using this mask.
               Skin polisher: almond oil can be used as a skin polisher it does work brilliant on your skin because of the presence of vitamin E which is an essential component for skin glow. All you need is some almond oil, honey and lemon just mix it well and massage with this you can also store this skin polisher in some container and keep it there on your washroom so you can easily use it daily.
               Hair conditioner: almond oil can be an awesome hair conditioner because of the presence of some vitamins and fatty acids that can work pretty good for making hair conditioner. All you need is an almond oil while taking shower first make your hair properly wet massage in your scalp slowly at least for 2 minutes then put some almond oil on your palm and then just put this on your head like you use conditioner. Now wash your hair with shampoo use this method daily to give your hair natural conditioner. This method is best to control hair fall.
               Repair dull and dry hairs: Almond oil has so many advantages whether you’re using internal or external. But for hair the best use of almond oil is for repair dull hair and dryness from your hair. The method of using this is really simple take 2 to 5 tablespoon of almond oil warm it up in microwave. Now spray some water into your hair make it wet and apply this warm almond oil into hair. Massage gently on your scalp and cover your hair with shower cap and leave it for at least 50 to 60 minutes if you wish to leave it overnight don’t make your hair wet before oiling after that wash it off with warm water. Repeat it twice in a week to get shiny strong and healthy hair.

Do you know?
 According to the research of doctor Axe. Almond oil helps to prevent us from future acne problems because of its vitamin E content and it’s also safe for sensitive skin.

 Here we have 10 tips to get healthier stronger shinier hairs.

1. Use warm water to wash your hair especially when you have any oil in it.
2. Always use small amount of shampoo into your hair.
3. Don’t rub your scalp too much when using shampoo to avoid any breakage.
4. Chose the right comb or brush according to the type of your hair or try to use wide tooth comb.
5. Don’t use you comb or brush as a weapon on your hair.
6. Trim your hair every two month. Cut at least half an inch.
7. Do oiling at least once or twice in a week.
8. Try to avoid shampooing your hair daily.
9. Avoid using shampoo which contain sodium or sulfate
10. Never brush or comb your hair as wet it should be dry at least 15%. 

Watch this video of massaging techniques for your scalp and hair.

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