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20 Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know.
Do makeup in right way.
Make yourself perfect.

Today is annual day oh my God I have to reach their early it should not going to be late oops I don’t have more than one hour what to do? Where to start? Should I make dark Smokey eye? No no it’s daytime only. Should I put dark lipstick? No no it’s not matching with the eye shades. Okay let’s take out all the makeup and kept their in one place so I can use it easily. Here my lipstick here my eye shades here my foundation here my mascara oh my God where is my eyeliner ooh it’s there ooh no it’s empty. Now what should I do? Don’t you feel like crying that time? Don’t you get fade up? But if you have such situation in your life then don’t worry you don’t need to take much tension because here we have tips and tricks for handling those kinds of problems that irritating you so much. After a long long long deep searching and applying these methods to myself I got the idea for handling some kind of makeup problems and after reading this you most probably going to do your best makeup within very less time. Because here I have best 20 tips and tricks for doing makeup so fast and easy + perfectly no matter at home, collage, office or in your car that mostly business women’s do.

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Here we go 20 tips and tricks for makeup:

1.       When choosing the foundation your need to check which colour is matching to your face this is a bit tricky but really easy just put a small amount of foundation on your finger and run it down through your jawline to the neck if the colour matches that’s your perfect foundation.

2.       By mistake if you buy a wrong concealer colour so don’t worry your money is still not wasted use this concealer as a highlighter on your face into the nose, upper and below side of the eyebrow from the corner and a higher side of cheeks born etc.

3.       If, you see the eye shadow brush is not picking enough eye shade so before starting just dip your brush into water let the brush a little wet and now use it.

4.       When Applying the eye shades remember to keep the eye shadow at the dip of the brushes for applying the clean and perfectly eye shadow into the place.

5.       If you have oily skin always use loose powder to get the perfect look.

6.       One of the common mistakes that people do is the matching foundation to the face which is wrong so don’t be some of those. Always use the foundation that does blend with your neck or chest.

7.       Don’t over load your skin with foundation because two thin layers are better than on thick.

8.       Always start your eye makeup by applying the primer and perfect base so all the eye shadow are able to blend on it easily.

9.       Don’t just start putting eye shades onto your eyes. Always use the corner of your nose to the corner of your eyes to corner of the eyebrow as a guideline and keep the eye shadow into in.

10.   If you are using dark shadows choose the lipstick a bit light and if you using light shadows apply dark lipstick on your lips to get the perfect look.

11.   If you think your mascara is thin and you want to make it thick at the purpose of getting more volume in eyelashes. Just sprinkle some amount of powder into the mascara brush then dip into the mascara bottle and now it’s ready to apply.

12.   If your liner get finish and you need it right now you can easily get this by dipping your liner brush into the mascara it works perfectly as a gel liner.

13.   If you have an emergency you need to go out and your blush got finished you can use your old lipstick lightly applying onto your cheek and blending it properly. It will work fine as a blusher.

14.   If you have done any mistake in your eye makeup just put some amount of eye cream onto your hand dip cotton bud stick from the corner and use it to remove those mistake from your eye makeup or want to sharpen your eye wings just use it.

15.   Always put eyeliner with open eyes so whatever shape you making you can see that also if you want perfect straight eyeliner wings use tape tip at the corner of the eyes to corner of the eyebrow and then apply eyeliner.

16.   Always use primer before applying the makeup at the purpose of keeping makeup in tacked throughout the day.

17.   Apply concealer on your lips before applying lipstick so make your lips look brighter after the lipstick also help to keep your lipstick last longer.

18.   Apply concealer after lipstick onto the edges of the lips as a finishing look.

19.   Don’t hold your makeup brush too close to the brush hairs as it will give your makeup patchy look so hold your brush a bit far from the brush hairs.

20.   Make sure you don’t have any extra hair onto your eyebrow and upper lip. If, you have just take them out with help of tweezers.

In additional don’t use the same method for eye makeup or contouring your face because it’s always get updated after a few month so do take some time for that and watch the video’s or check out the news about that. Don’t always use foundation or concealer at the purpose of hiding the wrinkles but try to use other creams or something that helps you to get rid of those wrinkles permanently.

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