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How to do Whitening Facial at Home Within 20 Minutes.

Facial is an essential thing that every women do at home or in beauty salon to take care their skin in the best manner. Simple purpose of having facial is its make you feel so good so relax and confident. But doing this at home is less likely to have side effects and much effective because it’s all natural. This 4 step facial will make your skin glowing and shining like never before because of its best working ingredients like fruits and oils that will make your skin fresh and gorgeous. This 4 step include cleansing, scrub, mask and toner. Cleansing that’s make your skin dirt free and make it soft shiny. Scrubbing as we all know the simple purpose is it’s exfoliate old dead skin and mask refines pores and reduce wrinkles. 

1. Cleansing and massaging.

Olive oil is the best anti-aging and anti-oxidant so it’s helps to reduce sign of aging and wrinkles. This oil known as the best oil for dry skin because it’s moisturize skin deeply and make it soft.

Almond oil work even best for sensitive skin. This oil have ability to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness without any irritation. Also, work really well for reducing redness from the skin.

Avocado oil is one of the best oil that contain rich source of oleic acid that’s work to heal rashes or wound and speed generating new cells and also work amazingly to reduce skin inflammation.

Jojoba oil is a light texture oil closely resemble to our skin sebum. It’s the best anti-bacterial and non-toxic oil that’s make it work best to maintain skin health also anti-microbial that’s help to reduce acne or pimples etc.


Olive oil                  3 drops
Almond oil             3 drops
Avocado oil           3 drops
Jojoba oil               3 drops

Method to use:

Step 1. Mix them well on your hands.
Step 2. Apply all over in your face.
Step 3. Start cleansing by massaging in a circular motion on your face and neck.
Step 4. Keep massaging until 5 minutes get over.
Step 5. Remove it with facial sponge.

2. Scrub

Coffee work to reduce wrinkles and helps to improve your mood because of its relaxing aroma. It’s exfoliate skin and make it so smooth to shine also helps to remove eye puffiness and make your skin look perfect.

Argon oil contain a nice source of vitamin E and fatty acids that’s work to hydrate skin in extreme level. This is one of the best non-greasy moisturizer for skin to make it extra smooth.

Lemon best known for its rich source of vitamin C that’s helps to reduce any dark spots from the skin and make skin clear from dirt and old dead skin. Helps to keep a nice moisture on the skin.


Ground coffee             1 teaspoon
Argon oil                     1 teaspoon
Lemon juice                1 teaspoon

Method to make and use:

Step 1. Mix them well in a bowl.
Step 2. Apply on your face.
Step 3. Start exfoliating by massaging your face gently.
Step 4. Keep exfoliating until 5 minutes get over.
Step 5. Remove it by using wet facial sponge.

3. Mask

Aloe Vera work in extreme level to gives you perfect skin its clear pores, reduce inflammation, moisture skin, make it free from blackheads, treat burns, treats acne, reduce wrinkles and much more.
Honey helps to reduce acne scars and make skin so smooth and relax. By using as a mask will reduce redness from the skin and also make it cleanse without opening the pores.


Aloe Vera gel            3 teaspoons
Honey                        1 teaspoon

Method to use:

Step 1. Mix them well in a bowl.
Step 2. Simply apply all over on your face.
Step 3. Close your eyes and relax for at least 7-8 minutes or best until this mask get dry.
Step 4. Wash your face with warm water.

4. Toner

Rosewater work extremely good to maintain pH balanced of the skin. It’s make skin look and feel so fresh and hydrate. Helps to heal small rashes and wounds from the skin because of its anti-bacterial properties. It also works best to reduce the tiredness from eyes and make them look glowing. Work best as a face toner because it’s help to cleanse and tighten the pores and even tone the skin. So let’s get your perfect soft and lovely skin by applying this as a last step of your facial.


Rosewater       half teaspoon

Method to use:

Step 1. Apply on your face and leave it as it is.
Step 2. After, the first layer get dry apply another layer of rosewater in it.

So this the way how I do my facial at home which work perfectly on my skin I just repeat this once in a month and its perfect for me. Please tell us if you have tried this whitening facial at home and how it’s effecting on your skin we will love to see your before and after picture with your feedback.

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