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101 Different Ways to Use Vaseline (Smart Ideas).

You have heard that Vaseline work to improve your dry skin peoples mostly use Vaseline for this purpose only but if you have only one reasoned to use Vaseline then assure you this article will blow up your mind. I have found these amazing usage of one single product but 101 different usage that will make your way easy and enjoyable.

So let’s get started!

1. Remove elbows dryness by moisturizing them.

2. Remove knees dryness by moisturizing them.

3.  Work best as a makeup remover just rub some amount of Vaseline. On your eye, lips or face and then remove it with tissue paper or soft cloth.

4.  Use before applying makeup to get the perfect soft face looking after makeup.

5.  Work best as an eye cream just use Vaseline around your eyes to remove dryness and reduce dark circles.

6. For reducing chapped lips all you need to do is just massage your lips with Vaseline. 

7. Blackheads or whiteheads remover: just massage Vaseline on effective area for 7-8 minutes and then remove it using blackheads remover pin. 

8.   Wants to remove neck wrinkles just massage your neck with Vaseline daily you will see the best results within 30 days.

9. Mix with your D I Y lip scrub to make it more effective.

10. For body massaging: work best as a body mas-sager and helps to calm your body. 

11.  Make lips glossy: use after matte lipstick to turn it into lip gloss.

12.  Lips lines remover: mix Vaseline with some ground coffee and massage it daily on your lips.

13.  Make your perfume smell last longer by applying some Vaseline before using you perfume.

14. Work best in every weather moisture your skin instantly and give it nice glow.

15. Crack heel repairer: massage your feet’s with Vaseline at night and wear socks you will see the best result within a month.

16. Cuticle remover: massage Vaseline on your nails for 10 minutes and see the amazing effects.

17.  Nail shiner: just put really small amount of Vaseline on your nails after applying the nail polish.

18. Skin polisher: combine Vaseline with honey and massage it on your face, hands or legs at-least for 6-7 minutes to polish the skin.

19. Use before wearing the earrings to stop them get stuck while wearing.

20.   Help to take out stuck ring in finger by applying some Vaseline around the rings.

21.  Eyebrows gel: give a clean look to your eyebrows in your day makeup.

22.  Hair and scalp conditioner: massage your scalp and hairs with a little amount of Vaseline to get shiny straight hairs. 

23.  Dandruff reducer: massage really little amount on your scalps leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

24. Rashes remover: massage your rash areas on skin with thick amount of Vaseline for 5-7 minutes.

25.  Split ends reducer: just spread some amount of Vaseline on your hand and massage it on splits ends.

26. Increase the best effects of your lotion by mixing some Vaseline in it.

27. Foot soak: apply thick layer of Vaseline on your foot and wrap it with plastic not put your foot in warm water for 10-15 minutes. 

28. Exfoliating scrub for foot: combine olive oil, sugar and Vaseline and use as a foot scrub.

29. Soothing scrub for foot: combine avocado paste and Vaseline and just massage it on your foot.

30. Night cream for foot: work best to maintain your overall foot health.

31.  Lip plumper: just mix pinch of cinnamon powder in small amount of Vaseline and massage it on your lips for6-8 minutes.

32. Lip balm: massage it on your lips as a lip balm to get pink lips naturally.

33. Fake eyelashes' remover: use really small amount of Vaseline for removing fake eyelashes.

34.  Stretch mark’s remover: massage Vaseline on your stretch marks areas every day to get the best results fast.

35. Work as a body clay: combine Vaseline with whole wheat flour and apply thick layer on your body.

36. Shoulder cream: massage your shoulders with Vaseline to get distress and glowing effects.

37. Shoes polish: rub really small amount of Vaseline into your leather shoes.

38.  Furniture polisher: combine Vaseline with vinegar and rub it on your furniture with soft cloth.

39. Back pain reliever: massage it on your back for 10-12 minutes it will relax your muscles and relief pain.

40.  Wounds repairer: use this on your small wounds to repair them easily. 

41.  Peoples who have allergic from artificial jewelry use very small amount of Vaseline on your jewelry before wearing on back side of neck-less or bracelet.

42. Helps to take out stuck bangles: just apply some amount of Vaseline on your hand to take out fitted bangles easily.

43.  Helps to remove makeup stain from the cloths just rub some Vaseline on it.

44.  Eyelashes shiner: rub really small amount of Vaseline in your eyelashes (perfect shiner).

45.  Cheeks shiner: just apply some amount on your cheeks after your makeup.

46. Dark knee’s repairer scrub: combine Vaseline and ground almonds mix them well and massage it on your knees for at-least 6-8 minutes.

47. Non allergic product means you can use it even in your baby skin as well.

48.  Reduce smell from shoes all you need is rub some on your feet’s and spray some perfume on it.

49.  Use as a shaving cream: all you need is to apply some amount of Vaseline on your legs or arms before shaving.

50. For belly massaging: just rub Vaseline on your belly to give yourself relaxing moment.

51. Skin cleanser: Vaseline work to soften and remove the dirt and cleanse your skin.

52.  Lights or bulbs cleaner: remove old dust from your bulbs by using small amount of Vaseline on it and remove it with tissue paper it will give shine and let the bulb light bright.

53.  Laptop cleaner: yes that’s right just apply some amount of Vaseline on your laptop and clean it with tissue paper.

54.  Want your best vegetables photography apply some Vaseline on vegetables to give them extra shine.

55.  Use Vaseline on your forehead and neck before applying hair dye to avoided color stain.

56.  Hand bag shiner: use small amount of Vaseline to shine your bags.

57.  Increase you razor life: apply some amount of Vaseline after shaving it will prevent corrosion.

58.  Treat razor burns: apply Vaseline suddenly on razor burns to treat them quickly.

59.  Body balm: Vaseline work best as a body balm because of its extremely moisturizing quality.

60. Treat sunburns: just apply some Vaseline on effective areas on your body to remove redness or darkness easily.

61.  Underarms care: apply Vaseline on your underarms to give them nice moisture and make your perfume smell last longer. 

62. Make your own cream eye shadows: mix your old eye shadow with some Vaseline and make it new cream eye shadow.

63.  Stop your rooms or other doors making those ridiculous voices by rubbing some Vaseline on their hinges.

64.   Sticking drawers stop just pulling them out. Rub some Vaseline on your drawers slide to make them work smoothly.

65. Work best for reducing baby diaper rash.

66.  Want to fasten your bicycle speed just rub some Vaseline on cycle chain.

67.  Let your shower curtain slide work smoothly by putting some Vaseline into the curtain holder rings.

68. Wrinkles reducer: just start apply Vaseline daily on effective area on your skin.

69. Protect runny nose simply apply Vaseline.

70.  Legs shiner: apply some Vaseline before going out it will work as a shiner.

71.  Help to style dry hairs: best for thin and dry hairs fix them by applying small amount of Vaseline ion it.

72.   Remove chewing gums from wood: by applying Vaseline around stick chewing gum and start removing using knife.

73. Remove water stain from wood: just rub some Vaseline on it.

74. Renew your leather jacket like you just buy it now by rubbing some Vaseline on it.

75. Rub some Vaseline on doorknobs before painting the door to avoid paint drop in it. 

76.  No tear when using shampoo on your baby hairs just put some amount of Vaseline on eyebrows of your baby.

77.  Vaseline have ability to prevent corrosion on wires.

78.   Helps to remove chewing gums from hairs.
79. Prevent small cuts from the skin.

80.  Make jars open easily by rubbing some Vaseline into the jar lids.

81.  Difficulty in paint zips opening just put some amount of Vaseline in it to make it slide easily like new.

82.  Lighten dark underarms: just apply Vaseline daily on your underarms at-least for a month.

83. Use before applying mascara to make your lashes look healthier.

84.  Clean your old mascara brushes by rubbing some Vaseline in it and then you can use this brush for different purpose.

85.  Massage with Vaseline before applying the lipstick and then remove it with tissue paper to get the perfect lipstick look.

86.  Dap some Vaseline around the nail before applying the nail polish to get perfect nail look.

87.  Reduce skin peeling from hands: just rub on your hands or arms.

88.  Vaseline also have an ability to heal wind burns skin.

89.   Make your own D I Y lip gloss: just apply Vaseline after your matte lipstick to turn this lipstick glossy.

90.  Reduce fever by placing freeze Vaseline on your forehead. Place Vaseline in freezer for 10-15 minutes and then apply.

91.    Make your tattoo life longer by applying some Vaseline on it before taking shower.

92.   Use it on candle holder before putting the candle on it. It will be easy to clean wax from it.

93.   Repair scratches from wooden furniture: just rub some Vaseline on it. 

94.  Reduce foot odors by massaging your feet daily with Vaseline.

95.   D I Y exfoliating body scrub: mix Vaseline, jojoba oil and sugar in a bowl. It’s ready for scrubbing.

96.  Skin polisher: Vaseline work best to polish your skin by removing dirt and old dead skin and giving your skin nice glow.

97.  Make eyebrows plucking easy by applying Vaseline before start plucking.

98.  Clean your television: just apply some amount of Vaseline on soft cloth ant rub it on your television’s screen and body.

99.  Make choppy paint furniture by apply Vaseline before painting and rub it out after paint get dry.

100. Beard and mustache gel yes there is something for mans as well.

101.  Make distress wall by painting: just use Vaseline before start painting and rub it out after the paint get dry.

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